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Google PixelBook Impressions

Pixelbook_Canon 80D

So my thoughts on the $999 Google Pixelbook after a couple months of using it off an on and I must say the hardware itself is beautiful and the screen is fantastic with a resolution of 2400x1600. And it's made of premium materials (should be for $999!) And I really like it's really portable at 2.4lbs. My top three pros and cons below and I'll have a full video review coming soon!



  1. Hardware (touchscreen, weight, usb-c, convertible tablet)
  2. Software - Runs Chrome OS AND Android Apps and allows instant hotspot with Pixel 2
  3. Simple to use overall
Pixelbook and Pixel 2


  1. Very Expensive for a Chromebook
  2. Android compatibility is hit or miss depending on the apps you use
  3. Huge screen bezel makes you wish for a bigger screen
PixelBook in Tentmode